Phone Interview take 2

30 01 2011

Last time I talked about what to prepare yourself with before you took the phone interview, now it’s time for me to discuss what actually goes on during and after your phone interview. Special thanks to Robby for filling me in on the interview process for previous cp’s. Read his blog here.

After you have awoken at least an hour before hand and youtubed ways to remain calm during an interview, it will be time for the task at hand.  Generally you will receive a phone call within 5 to 10 minutes depending on if any earlier interviews happen to extend a bit longer than normal.  Your interviewer will warmly welcome you to the program and will go over some cursory questions: name, email, etc.

Once that is out of the way you will get THE questions.  Why Disney.  Why the program.  These two questions are the ones that I can not tell you how to answer because quite simply you are the only one that can answer this.  The answers are different to everybody and are probably the section of the interview that you show your true self to the interviewer.

After your answer and you hear silence, ITS OK!  The interviewer is typing notes as you talk so if there is a lot of silence that does not mean that the recruiter is staring at the phone frowning or that you didn’t answer your question correctly.

Sometime during this interview, mine was at the end, I was asked if I had a favorite park, attraction or character.  I’ve heard that if you are applying for attractions this would be where you try and throw your hat into the mix to try and request a specific ride/show but just remember that it’s based on availability and when you apply and you won’t be guaranteed that specific role.

During your interview you will be asked about your current job experience [and if you have done the program before, to go over your roles and responsibilities that you carried out at your location].

Eventually, you will make your way into the roles section of the interview.  Here is where the interview itself can be short or long depending on the number of roles you applied for. This is also where you will be asked if you want to add any additional roles (which is entirely your choice and you do not have to feel as though you need to add more if you don’t want to) When I first applied my interview was about 20-25 minutes and I had applied for Attractions, Full Food Service and Beverage, Merchandise and Character Attendant.  Your interview will ask you to pick your top three (this does not mean that you won’t be asked questions about the others).  After that you will be asked questions about the roles:

Examples (this does not mean you will be asked EXACTLY what i put down)

  • What would you think would be affiliated with being in X role?
  • (Attractions) If you had a child that you weren’t sure if they measured up to ride X ride what would you do?
  • Some form of conflict resolution.  I was asked if there was a problem with my roommates how I would handle it.
  • (bibbidy bobbity) Do you have any hair and make up experience?
  • Are you more independent or a team player?
  • If you were currently engrossed in a task and were requested to do something else how would you react.
  • If you are given an overload of tasks how do you handle them to get them all completed.
  • Are you a fast, steady or slow worker?
  • etc.

If former cp:

  • Give an example of a time you helped create a magical moment.
  • How would or did you react during an emergency and the procedures that took place.
  • Any challenges with the living component i.e. roommate issues, housing difficulties, buses
  • [refer back to your roles to answer the questions, this will show how you handled the situations in real Disney expectations]
  • etc.

After this there will be the wrap up questions and you will be informed that it will take between 3-4 weeks to receive either an email or mail notification from the college program of your acceptance or rejection.  Granted I heard back a week after I applied and I know people who didn’t hear for 4-6 weeks while yesterday we found out that the Fall program has   started to accept people.  I would say that depending on if you applied for the popular roles (Attractions or Character Attendant) you will probably have to wait a little bit to hear back or you may be one of the lucky ones who hear right out of the gate.

HOWEVER now that you have the interview done and out of the way you start phase 2 of the waiting game in which you will begin to religiously check your email every ten minutes or so.  It’s like watching a toaster.  You are hungry for toast and you know the minute you look away it will go off.

After you receive your notification you will be informed of what role you have been accepted for, pay rate and then informed of the steps to take to accept your acceptance.  There will be some people who receive rejections and some who get put on hold.  Both of these outcomes are a new level of anxiety.  Hold acceptance means you will have to wait longer to know if you got in because it will require others who were accepted to decline to let you in.

After you receive your acceptance phase 3 of the waiting game commences because you now have to wait till your arrival date to know exactly where it is that you will be working and able to take part in the magic of the college program.


Hope that this helps those who are new to the interview process and I wish you all the best of luck!

Thanks again to Robby for providing me with the interview process for reapplying cp’s.



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