Back in Salt Lake

22 02 2011

Hey everyone, i’m back in Salt Lake currently working on a number of things right now.  I’ve got 3 or 4 upcoming vlogs filmed and editing from the trip to Florida and Daytona as well as a few blog posts i’m mocking up and will hopefully have up later in the week.

More to come!


17 02 2011

Just thought i would stop by here for a quick second.  I’m leaving the snowy frigid landscape of Salt Lake for the blue skies and sun in Daytona and ORLANDO!

Expect a number of posts concerning what new updates have gone on around WDW as well as NASCAR blogs.

Later all.

End of an Era

10 02 2011

Today marks the end of an era.  A moment that every fan never wants to witness but knows that one day it will happen.  Today, Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan the longest tenured head coach in any American sport resigned from the Jazz after 23 seasons along with Assistant Phil Johnson.

Many will question if the resignation was brought on my debates with players, predictability or management.  We may not ever truely know but as Sloan stated, he simply didn’t have the energy that he had ten years past.  I’m inclined to believe Jerry simply because when it comes to the media he doesn’t cut corners and tells it like it is.  He’s had issues with players every single season one way or another.  Management always wants to have their hands in the coaching and production that will hopefully lead to a championship.

Conspiracy theory as much as you want, but the NBA will never be the same.  Sloan was old school, a coach that instilled an accountability and determination that very few coaches, let alone athletes understand.  Today players will do whatever it takes to win a championship, even if they go about doing it all the wrong ways.  Sloan’s methodology of making the players accountable really taught the players how to be players instead of in it for the money in my opinion.

Utah doesn’t have the same reputation of the Lakers or the Celtics, but year in year out they were consistant and played the game the way it was meant to be played, to the best of their abilities as a team.   With this mindset we made it the finals twice, falling both times to the Bulls and MJ but Sloan showed the league that his methods worked.

Tomorrow will be unique, as the dust settles from the bombshell of Sloan and Johnson’s departure.  It’ll not be the same seeing the Jazz take the floor without Jerry there constantly hounding his boys to play to their fullest.  I don’t know how the team will come together but I know that they will always remember the ethics drilled into them by an NBA great.

Thanks Jerry and Phil.  You gave Utah a team to be proud of even if we have no titles to show for it.  You gave us a team that we would call our own.


6 02 2011

Congrats to the Packers for winning the Super Bowl.  It started off as a very one-sided game but became slightly more interesting and intense which i’m glad to see since the last few Super Bowls have been blowouts.

The commercials (or the good ones) were few and far between this year.  Snickers, Best Buy and movie trailers were the best in my opinion where as Brisk tried to re-envigorate the super bowl ads of the past while Groupon…slapped alot of us in the face with their ad.

Now that Aaron Rodgers can finally step out of the Brett Favre light and into the glory of being a Super Bowl champion he has just one of many appearances to make…including his ticker tape parade down Main Street USA at WDW.  I was their purely by accident after the Saints won their championship last year and walking down Main Street hearing NOLA jazz and the chanting of WHO DAT? was rather invigorating and I realized just how much of an impact a championship can give to a community.  Not just with the recent history and overcoming that New Orleans has achieved, but the fact that a championship brings pride to the victorious city that the team gladly labels as their home.    It puts them on the map, even for 15 minutes as the home of the champions.

Congrats Green Bay.  My condolences Pittsburgh and here’s hoping a lockout doesn’t impede the coming season.



6 02 2011

The Fall WDWCP season has officially begun and live presentations have started. If you want to attend a live presentation in your area or see if your school has one, go to to get started.