6 02 2011

Congrats to the Packers for winning the Super Bowl.  It started off as a very one-sided game but became slightly more interesting and intense which i’m glad to see since the last few Super Bowls have been blowouts.

The commercials (or the good ones) were few and far between this year.  Snickers, Best Buy and movie trailers were the best in my opinion where as Brisk tried to re-envigorate the super bowl ads of the past while Groupon…slapped alot of us in the face with their ad.

Now that Aaron Rodgers can finally step out of the Brett Favre light and into the glory of being a Super Bowl champion he has just one of many appearances to make…including his ticker tape parade down Main Street USA at WDW.  I was their purely by accident after the Saints won their championship last year and walking down Main Street hearing NOLA jazz and the chanting of WHO DAT? was rather invigorating and I realized just how much of an impact a championship can give to a community.  Not just with the recent history and overcoming that New Orleans has achieved, but the fact that a championship brings pride to the victorious city that the team gladly labels as their home.    It puts them on the map, even for 15 minutes as the home of the champions.

Congrats Green Bay.  My condolences Pittsburgh and here’s hoping a lockout doesn’t impede the coming season.




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