13 03 2011

I know i’ve been busy with midterms, work, recruiting, etc and have not done a recent blog post.  Fear not, i’ll have a couple more coming out this week hopefully.
In the meantime, go to http://www.youtube.com/avsfan3721 to see what i’ve been up to.

Exciting News

1 03 2011

Hello once again blog world, it’s time for me to fill you all in on a number of stories from the last few weeks.

  • Disney trip
  • Daytona

First off: WDWCP.  As many of my friends on Facebook know now, I applied on the second day applications were open for the Walt Disney College Program and was accepted for Fall Advantage (May – Jan) in Attractions.  I’ve very excited about this because I will be living with my friends Karen, Robby and my old roommate Austin.  The other reason I am excited is FA11 will be a reunion of sorts because quite a number of my friends from SA10 will be returning to the land of magic.

A few weeks ago, I travelled with my dad down to Florida and were able to enjoy the parks, attempted Universal and went to the Daytona 500.  I posted a video updating my followers on Youtube of what advancements and changes were taking place while I was there which you can find out yourself by clicking here. I also hung out with a number of friends I’ve made through the FB group and skype who are currently on the CP.

Daytona…oh Daytona.  The birthplace of speed, the foundation of a culture, the memorial for an icon.  Anyone you ask who follows Nascar to an extend has a story to share with you about Daytona.  Mine however isn’t one of fondness.  February 18th 2001, Nascar lost Dale Earnhardt on the final corner on the final lap of the 500.  His death cast a shroud over the sport and brought millions of people to tears.  I remember the moment it happened, the preceding hours afterwords and the loss I felt watching my sports icon pass before my eyes.  My family travelled that summer to Florida for the first time and went to both WDW and Daytona.  This year marked the 10th anniversary of Earnhardt’s passing and I knew what it would mean to my father so we went to the 500.

A new track, faster speeds, paired up racing.  No one really knew what would happen, but one thing was certain: the sport would pay hommage to the Intimidator.  On the third lap as the cars raced across the start finish line, over 150,000 voices became silent, the only spoken bond a three fingered salute.  It was awe inspiring, watching cars race only to have the tail wind followed by silence.  It’s probably what Earnhardt would have wanted.  No pomp and circumstance, but for the race to go on.  I’ll be putting a vlog up soon of the RPDE as well as the Daytona race.

Till next we blog.