We have much to catch up on.

21 05 2011

Hey everyone. As we speak I type this from my iPhone in Denny’s along not I-15 but 192 in Florida. Much has happened. Stay tuned.


13 03 2011

I know i’ve been busy with midterms, work, recruiting, etc and have not done a recent blog post.  Fear not, i’ll have a couple more coming out this week hopefully.
In the meantime, go to http://www.youtube.com/avsfan3721 to see what i’ve been up to.

Back in Salt Lake

22 02 2011

Hey everyone, i’m back in Salt Lake currently working on a number of things right now.  I’ve got 3 or 4 upcoming vlogs filmed and editing from the trip to Florida and Daytona as well as a few blog posts i’m mocking up and will hopefully have up later in the week.

More to come!


17 02 2011

Just thought i would stop by here for a quick second.  I’m leaving the snowy frigid landscape of Salt Lake for the blue skies and sun in Daytona and ORLANDO!

Expect a number of posts concerning what new updates have gone on around WDW as well as NASCAR blogs.

Later all.


6 02 2011

The Fall WDWCP season has officially begun and live presentations have started. If you want to attend a live presentation in your area or see if your school has one, go to http://www.disneycollegeprogram.com to get started.

The Phone Interview

26 01 2011

QUITE a few of the people who I am friends with on Facebook / Twitter / Vloggers / etc have applied to do the Fall/Fall Adv or Summer Alumni program down in WDW.  A group of hopefuls and a subscriber wanted to know any secrets or how to best prepare for the phone interview.  I digress for a moment to go over the entire application process.

If you decide you want to apply for the WDWCP you will first be asked a number of general questions: Name, Age, are you in college currently.  You then move on to your Roles Checklist, where you select which of the available roles you are interested in applying for.  This varies by Alumni Program and Fall so I won’t go into the exact details about the roles.  Once through that section you get the web interview and this is where the application process apparently deviates.  IF you are a new applicant [bear with me i did this over a year ago and it may have changed] you will have an interview made up of short answer questions as well as a rate 1-10 or 1-5 about yourself and what you expect from the program.


Once the web-based interview is done, you will be asked for the presentation code you will receive at the live presentation (don’t worry if you can’t make the live pres, at the end of the e-pres online you will also be given a code that will work) and if all signs point to yes, you will be able to schedule your phone interview.

[Note:  If you have allready completed a CP or are a campus rep/seasonal during the general int you will be asked this and you will skip the web int]

Now…the phone interview.  You’ll be given a number to call to set up your phone interview.  Word of advice, remember that if you aren’t on the East Coast that the office closes early so tailor your call to that or call the next day.   After you set up the phone interview you will then begin to stare at a clock and be antsy till the moment your int is done.  Most interviews are not taken the day of the initial call unless you are the first person to apply so know that there could be a couple of days before you have the interview.

Here’s a list of what to do before the int:

  • If it’s an early morning interview [remember the time difference] I suggest being awake at least an hour before hand, that way you don’t sound like you just rolled out of bed.
  • Before your phone interview, review your roles checklist, you will be asked during the interview to pick the 3 that are your favorite and whether you would like to expand your role checklist.  During my SA 10 interview, I had put down attractions, merch, and full food service and beverage.  During my int they asked if I was interested in adding quick food or custodial to which I politely declined.
  • Prepare questions!  At the end of your interview you will be asked if you have any questions and this is the time to ask them.
  • Remember to be yourself.  You are the only person that knows you and just like in a regular interview you are trying to get the interviewee to understand that you are the best fit for the job and why.
  • Breathe.  They know that you may be nervous because they interview quite a few new recruits just as or more nervous than you may be.  It’s Disney after all, so have fun.   Before my interview I got incredibly nervous so I took a moment to my self, sat at my desk, brought up YOUTUBE, grabbed two pencils and watched “Won’t Get Fooled Again” rock band videos and rocked out to relax.

Now that’s it for right now because i’ve got to go to class, so look for my post about the phone interview itself later.

Sundance Film Festival

24 01 2011

Starting off as the Utah/US Film Festival in the winter of ’78, Sundance has grown into the premiere showcase for indie filmmakers, low budget films and masterpieces that few will ever witness.  In the years since, Park City has become apart of the glitz and glammer for all of Hollywood and International audiences alike.

Growing up in Utah, i’ve always heard about Sundance and seen quite a few of the films showcased that were picked up and distributed to a mass audience.  However I am disappointed to say that I’ve never attended Sundance.  That all changed this year.

My friend Wes is a volunteer this year and station at The Tower Theatre in Downtown Salt Lake.  Now Park City is the hub of all the Sundance goodness, but there are theatres in Ogden and Salt Lake as well.  While working on homework last Friday Wes called me asking me if I wanted to catch one of the movies showing at The Tower.  I jumped at the opportunity.

That night, I attended not only the Sundance but the International Premiere of Trolljegeren. [Norwegian translation: Troll Hunter]  I read the synopsis and was intrigued to say the least.


A group of students investigates a series of mysterious bear killings, but learns that there are much more dangerous things going on. They start to follow a mysterious hunter, learning that he is actually a troll hunter.

The film is shot in the style of a found film footage mockumentary shot in 29 days over all of Norway.  I got sucked into this film, laughing at the humor and getting the same feeling watching this as I did the first time seeing Jurassic Park…except with Trolls.  The film takes the mythology and folklore from Norwegian tales of Trolls and subjects them to a Government cover up and real world situations.  The interesting thing of this film is that the director created a natural script coupled with realistic acting and a sheer sense of fear that made me question at multiple parts of this film if this could be real.

I found out that Trolljegeren has been picked up and will hopefully either get a mass distribution in theatres of a DVD release.

Sundance runs from Jan 20th through Jan 30th 2011.

Ahoy hoy!

13 01 2011

Greetings and Salutations!  Name’s Derek and WordPress and myself will be friends.  Stay awhile, drop a comment below and stay tuned for more!