Sundance Film Festival

24 01 2011

Starting off as the Utah/US Film Festival in the winter of ’78, Sundance has grown into the premiere showcase for indie filmmakers, low budget films and masterpieces that few will ever witness.  In the years since, Park City has become apart of the glitz and glammer for all of Hollywood and International audiences alike.

Growing up in Utah, i’ve always heard about Sundance and seen quite a few of the films showcased that were picked up and distributed to a mass audience.  However I am disappointed to say that I’ve never attended Sundance.  That all changed this year.

My friend Wes is a volunteer this year and station at The Tower Theatre in Downtown Salt Lake.  Now Park City is the hub of all the Sundance goodness, but there are theatres in Ogden and Salt Lake as well.  While working on homework last Friday Wes called me asking me if I wanted to catch one of the movies showing at The Tower.  I jumped at the opportunity.

That night, I attended not only the Sundance but the International Premiere of Trolljegeren. [Norwegian translation: Troll Hunter]  I read the synopsis and was intrigued to say the least.


A group of students investigates a series of mysterious bear killings, but learns that there are much more dangerous things going on. They start to follow a mysterious hunter, learning that he is actually a troll hunter.

The film is shot in the style of a found film footage mockumentary shot in 29 days over all of Norway.  I got sucked into this film, laughing at the humor and getting the same feeling watching this as I did the first time seeing Jurassic Park…except with Trolls.  The film takes the mythology and folklore from Norwegian tales of Trolls and subjects them to a Government cover up and real world situations.  The interesting thing of this film is that the director created a natural script coupled with realistic acting and a sheer sense of fear that made me question at multiple parts of this film if this could be real.

I found out that Trolljegeren has been picked up and will hopefully either get a mass distribution in theatres of a DVD release.

Sundance runs from Jan 20th through Jan 30th 2011.

The Disney Press Event Details

18 01 2011

With the Disney Press Event at the Magic Kingdom concluded, here is what we now know.

  • Star Tours II will be opened officially May 20th 2011 just in time for Star Wars Weekend!!
  • Gaston’s Tavern will not be serving Butterbeer…sad face.
  • Seven Dwarves Mine Train will be a Family Coaster….no clone of Big Thunder
  • Dual Dumbo area known as Storybook Circus
  • Be Our Guest will have with over 550 seats making it bigger than Chef Mickeys
  • Snow White’s Scary Adventure will be the location of the Princess Meet and Greets
  • Barnstormer to become the GREAT Goofini
  • The Magic the Memories and You projection details concerning the Castle sound amazing.  4 projectors all showcasing photos and videos from around the MK taken that day on the castle nightly before the fireworks.

While I am excited for these new announcements…i’m very excited of Star Tours II officially opening up before Star Wars Weekends, which will make Hollywood Studios THE park of all parks in my opinion.

Anyway that’s all she wrote, comment and i’ll catch you all next time!


Welcome…to New Fantasyland

18 01 2011

Well Twitter has been incredibly active today in the proceedings before tonight’s press event about Fantasyland…or should I call it New Fantasyland?

Rumored to be completely open by 2012 (one year earlier than planned, go imagineers) Fantasyland will be getting the Little Mermaid Dark Ride as well as Be Our Guest themed restaurant.  HOWEVER, that is not all.

  • Snow Whites Scary Adventures will be going the way side as it will now be the home of Princess Fairytale Hall which will be a Meet and Greet with all the Disney Princesses save for Arielle and Belle since they will have their own mini land.
  • The Barnstormer will become The Great Goofini and get a splash of new paint.
  • The Dueling Dumbo-interactive queue-thing will now be known as Storybook Circus
  • The big rumor is that there will be another ride…another rollercoaster added to Fantasyland in the form of The Seven Dwarves Mine Train.  I’m not sure if this will be set up in between the current ride building of Little Mermaid and Toontown Fair.  However this roller coaster will probably be more on the scale of the Barnstormer and not Big Thunder since…well there allready IS a train coaster in the park.

This information as well as images provided by Inside the Magic and full article HERE

Now these are all rumors, but with concept art to go with them, it’s fairly probably that these are all true rumors but we won’t know for sure until tonights press event.

Stay tuned for more.

Let the Memories Begin

17 01 2011

Good Morning interweb.

Two weeks ago I choose to rather impromptly pull a vanishing act and left an impending cold front likely to drop a foot of snow for the sunny warmth of Florida. I had three main objectives this trip.

1. Deliver salsa to the victor of my College Football regular season game I started in August for friends from the wdwcp: Karen who oddly was on vacation in Florida.

2. To surprise many friends. Karen didn’t know I was coming down, just the same way the rest of my friends didn’t either. However more on surprising Karen in a moment.

3. To help introduce new cp’s to Disney and more importantly to decompress from the busy Christmas wedding season and finals.

Now granted, I had gone down to Florida in October during Fall Break Disney has not released their grip on me yet. The trip itself was only a week but felt like it passed by in a flash. I got to see my old roomates Will and Austin, surprise my old 9103 neighbor Tori and above all help with the biggest surprise of them all.

I told you we would circle back to surprising Karen. Karen was actually the first person I met just before I started the wdwcp last January while at EPCOT with my mom. Fittingly it was also almost one year ago since we met so the trip (from the standpoint of a writer) had a lot of layered meaning. Now me being me I never show my hand completely until the showdown. During the cp, Karen presgained me into being her wingman of sorts on a date with another cp, Robby. I was the failsafe if the date went completely to part which I hoped it wasn’t because from what I had heard from Karen before this, Robby seemed like a great guy. (Didn’t like my salsa and was from Alabama, but that is neither here nor there at the moment) Since then Robby and Karen’s relationship grew strong and i’ve become very good friends with both of them.

On Christmas Eve, during my familial tradition of eating pizza before watching Christmas Vacation, Robby sends me a picture text. I open it and promptly start choking on pizza. A ring flashed up from my iPhone and this got the wheels turning.

Needless to say under veil of secrecy within hours my trip was booked.

On January 4th 2011, beneath the twinkling glow of Cinderella’s Castle after Wishes illuminated the night sky, Robby proposed to Karen.

This has been my second time helping a friend propose to his girlfriend, and oddly the first time was with my friends Kevin and Emily at Disneyland two years ago. Disney holds magic for everyone and with the “Let the Memories Begin” campaign going on now at WDW, I can honestly say that some of the greatest memories I’ve made and have helped with have begun at Disney.

16 01 2011
World 71-1

Fire...or stolen Eggs...

Ahoy hoy!

13 01 2011

Greetings and Salutations!  Name’s Derek and WordPress and myself will be friends.  Stay awhile, drop a comment below and stay tuned for more!