YouTube is a vast community where you can uncover nearly anything you need.  Whether trying to figure out how to tie a tie, watching funny videos or game highlights, you can find it on YouTube.

YouTube is also a great source for those who vlog.  Below are a list of channels that are prelevant to the Disney College Program; either through personal experiences or updates to the parks itself.



My own channel, where you can learn about all the latest goings on at WDW as well as staying up to date with the Campus Reps and info about the College Program.


Ryan O’s Disney Show

Ryan O’Neill participated in the Spring 10 program. His vlogs are tailored for more of a fun charsmatic crowd, inciteful and he can discuss and give info on two different roles: Trams and Attractions.


Will’s Vlog

Will has done the program a total of 3 times and was a Campus Rep as well.  His videos will show you a different side of the Disney life from someone who has done the program more than once.


John’s Awesome Disney Video Thing

If you youtube search Disney College Program, you will run across John.  A former CP at the Jungle Cruise, John’s videos are the go to for all your Disney info needs and whom many of us vloggers try to model our vlogs after in part…if only he would vlog once more…



Stay Tuned as more vlogs are updated all the time!

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